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1 day live + 6 months online

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Basic Training

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22 January

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Information about the course

Nanoremoval is a technique that works on the surface, which means that there will be less skin damage, less irritation and much faster results, with very quick healing and without the risk of scarring. The Nanoremoval technique, with its matching products, begins to work almost immediately after outlining the working area of an old tattoo or PMU, moving upward through the layers of the skin a small crust is formed over the treated area. This crust will start to come off naturally, extracting the unwanted tattoo ink or PMU. This technique requires the use of the dermograph. Inside the kit you will also find synthetic leather to train on the correct movement to have to use the new technique of Nanoremoval.


Jordy Naponiello

Jordy Naponiello creatore della tecnica NanoRemoval riconosciuta da PhiAcademy che presenta ufficialmente il progetto nel 2019. Nominato primo Master di Microneedling e primo Master di PhiBright per l’Italia. Apre PhiSeller Italy e diventa distributore ufficiale di PhiAcademy in Italia.

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Data & Location

22 January 2022 - Milan



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