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1 day

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Basic Training

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6 December 2021

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Information about the course

Lash lifting is a method in which natural lashes are raised, lifted and fixed, making them longer and stronger. This combination gives a particularly natural result. Depending on the natural eyelash growth cycle, an eyelash lift can last 6-9 weeks.
This course is suitable for beginners, as you learn from scratch the technique of lifting eyelashes and eyebrows.
Browslifting is a fixation of individual eyebrow hair.
These hairs are reinforced and shaped so as to maintain a certain style for several weeks. The eyebrows can then be combed and shaped in all directions. Especially for those who have very narrow eyebrows and few hairs, this method can work wonders.

Francesca Nappi

Master per "PhiAcademy di Branko Babic" Francesca è titolare dello studio Lash & Brow a Roma (Italia) e proprietaria del marchio Angel Lash & Brow.
Vincitrice in numerose competizioni internazionali Lash & Brow.

Trainer internazionale, giudice e relatore in più di 300 eventi in tutto il mondo ed ha formato più di 1500 studenti in tutto il mondo.

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Data & Location

6 December 2021 - Rome



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